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"You can't have a narrow mind if you have a thick passport" P. Frommer
My name is Susan Drew and I'm the owner of Sangha Tours. Sangha is a word I've loved ever since I heard it used to explain the three precepts of Tibetan Buddhism - to honor the Buddha, the Dharma (teachings) and the Sangha (sacred community). The first time I heard the word it actually brought tears to my eyes and I decided to for sure use it as my tour company name. The way I saw it being applied was that as we explore the world's sacred sites in various countries, we get to know the local communities of people along the way. In my view, I consider everyone a part of our global sacred community and therefore, the Sangha. Then as we travel together in a group, I like to think we're creating a sacred community among ourselves as well, even if just for a few weeks -  through shared kindness, compassion, fun and friendship. Hence the name was two fold for me and "Sangha Tours - exploring our world together" became my company name & logo.

I've been leading group tours since 1989 and soon afterwards I began my own tour company . All my cross-cultural tours focus on visiting the sacred sites and natural wonders of the world, especially those in developing countries. Sometimes the sites are temples, mosques and churches - but just as often they're natural sites, revered through the ages by the indigenous people.

I've led over 150 group tours since 1989 - with groups both large and small (generally 10-15). I welcome people of all ages to travel with me - men, women, couples, even some college age children with their parents. Lately I find many are women traveling alone or with a friend and they especially seem to appreciate the personal touches I try to offer, along with the experience I have - knowing I've been to each country beforehand. I travel along with every group, making sure all goes well and things are just how I intended in the planning stages. When companies, drivers, guides and hotels are good, I use them again and again. I rely on tried and true itineraries, making new additions when they seem right and trying to balance enough touring with enough free time. I choose hotels that are usually in the 4-5 star range, because having a lovely place to come back to at the end of the day just seems right to me. We often push the envelope during the day while touring, but an evening of R & R is important for our adventures the next day.

Besides keeping the quality of each tour high, I try to keep the cost in the moderate range for all concerned. I describe myself as a "good mother hen", especially while trying to get people from point A to point B in challenging countries - & with a touch of grace. Traveling in the developing world takes patience, good planning and flexibility. All of us come home with a better appreciation for the many blessings we have here at home! I know the developing world has a lot to teach us though - especially the lessons of simplicity, family, and community.

So there's the word community again. It seems to me if we get to know each other's unique communities, we gain a level of understanding that's priceless. For me, I think the spirit of Sangha is about the desire to see the sacred in every part of the world and in every person's life - no matter how humble. Through understanding I like to think the process of peace might be advanced by those of us who travel. Hopefully as we head around the world we become global ambassadors in our own small step at a time. So if sacred travel to earth's holiest sites and natural wonders is for you, then consider signing up for one of our next Sangha Tours!
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