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Our 2018 Sangha Tour Adventures Are To 
AFRICA - July & August
Botswana-Zimbabwe (pre-tour) Kenya Great Migration (main tour) Tanzania (add-on tour), Uganda (post tour)
All group tours are organized & led by Susan Drew 
(Owner: Sangha Tours) 

If you love nature, travel & adventure - then consider a safari trip to Africa this summer. The group tours begin in Botswana & Zimbabwe - Africa's "it place" so that's a luxury tour - with time spent in fabulous Okavango Delta, Chobe NP, Victoria Falls & Hwange NP. Then you can either go on your own to explore South Africa, Namibia, etc. - or fly with the group to Nairobi, to join the others arriving there for the main Kenya tour. This will be a 10 day deluxe safari tour, with the most exciting event witnessing the Great Migration, when more than a million wildebeest enter Kenya's Maasai Mara. There's nothing like it! Then after ending in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, you can either fly home or cross the border with the group into Tanzania for a deluxe 3 night stay that includes amazing Ngorongoro Crater. After that you can fly home or head to Bwindi NP, Uganda's gorilla tracking area. Expect to see an abundance of animals & birds throughout, magnificent vistas and gorgeous sunsets everywhere - plus colorful native people such as the Maasai, Samburu, Kikuyu and Pygmy tribes. So if a nature trip to Africa is on your 
wish list, why not make it happen in 2018! 

for more info, prices & exact dates  - call or e-mail: (772-567-6202)   
*also ask about setting up custom designed tours to any of the places below..."Just For You" 

Yucatan - Chichen Itza, Tulum
South Africa - Krueger
Morocco Sahara Desert, Rabat
Israel - Jerusalem, Yad Vashem
South India - Rice fields, Backwaters
Peru Machu Picchu, Rainforest

Sangha Tours Travels To 
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 Island Maois - Easter Island
Silbury Hill, Stonehenge - England
Islands, Acropolis - Greece
Nile, Sakkara - Egypt
Petra Ruins - Jordan
Taj Mahal, Jaipur - North India
Monks, Himalayas - Dharamsala
Punakha, Dochu-la - Bhutan
Angkor Thom & Wat - Cambodia
Bangkok, Chiang Mai - Thailand
Rotorura, Lake Tekapo - New Zealand
Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque - Turkey
Mt. Kinabalu, Orangutans - Borneo
Otavalo, Quito - Ecuador
Leh India - Tibetans, Indus Valley
Nepal - Chitwan, Boudanath
Tibet - Norbulingka, Drepung
Bali - Besakih, Rice fields
Australia - Olgas, Kakadu
Japan, Hong Kong - Narita, Mt. Fuji
Singapore - Merlion, Buddhist Temple 
Galapagos - N. Seymour, Santa Cruz
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Botswana - Okavango Delta, Chobe NP
Zambezi, Victoria Falls- Zimbabwe
Madrid, Toledo - Spain 
Portugal - Lisbon, Belem
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