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A Few Words from Ellen & Kirk -
Thank you, Susan Drew, for the many travel adventures Kirk & I have enjoyed with you - Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos, Kenya & Tanzania; and for me this year a return to mystical Bali, followed by Singapore, Cambodia & Vietnam. I love being immersed in these diverse cultures, seeing the geography and learning the history. Indeed it expands my horizons (no pun intended). Friends met along the way; exotic top notch accommodations and guides extraordinaire; the behind the scenes organization and then running interference when needed - all are so appreciated. Now India & Bhutan are on my horizons! Kirk and I are so glad we met you!
Guides - Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos
Guides - India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan
Guides - Kenya & Tanzania
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                                            ...and with thanks to so many we've met along the way!
With special thanks to our guides and the many people we get to meet along the way -
A Few Words from Connie -
A Few Words from Marilyn & Harvey -
Having traveled with Susan to Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, Bali, Singapore & Cambodia - we can defintiely say, "Susan has a gift for selecting dreamy accommodations in the best locations and for bringing formerly unknown people together into wonderfully diverse groups to make memories of a lifetime!"
A Few Words from Becky - 
I love traveling with Susan and I know she offers so many things that other groups just can't touch. She puts her soul into making each trip the best it can be, while keeping the costs affordable. Many insightful and experienced hours go into planning each trip. I've been to India, Peru, Bali & Singapore with Susan. What I love most is being able to capture the hearts and cultures of the people while there. Susan is always with the group to manage any unforseen events, keep things moving along, provide insight & inspiration - while also giving time to "do your own thing". If it's your dream to see any of the places Susan travels to - going with her is the best way to make your dream become a reality!
                              A few Words from Marilyn -
Susan's "Beautiful Bali & Beyond" trip was like stepping into the tropical paradise of a Gauguin painting. The people of Bali were beautiful and everyone was so friendly, with most speaking English too. Our hotel accommodations were excellent for the whole trip! Cambodia was like an extension of Bali, plus South Vietnam was fantastic! This was a spiritual trip for me and we visited so many temples and received countless blessings. The whole experience was wonderful. Susan was an excellent tour director and I'm looking forward to her upcoming  trip to India & Bhutan.
                 A Few Words from Sherry & Don -
My husband and I never dreamed of Africa, but after seeing it on our tour with Susan Drew of Sangha Tours, it was better than anything we could have imagined. The hotels were fabulous! The guides were well versed in animal & bird species with answers to everyone of our numerous  questions. Susan made our African tour a seamless transition from each area we were scheduled to visit, so that it was exciting and relaxing. We would tour with her again. In fact my daughter & I will be joining her upcoming trip to exotic India in March and then my husband & I even hope to be with her in Peru in the fall.
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Making memories with Susan & her groups is the only way to travel! I've been to Peru & Kenya with her and they were both trips of a lifetime.The sights we got to see were out of this world, but getting to know the local people was truly my favoritie part. Nobody works harder than Susan to put her trips together with care and kindness to all - and it certainly shows. I'd recommend going with her if an adventure of a lifetime is your goal.
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