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My Jigsaw Puzzles - From the USA and Abroad
Nature Puzzles - from the USA

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Please click on the CONTACT US button above to send me the names of the puzzles you want, plus the total number  - or you can send me an e-mail to Then I'll send you send you an invoice including the cost of the puzzles, 7% sales tax and shipping. Shipping costs are: $6.00 for one puzzle, $8.00 for two puzzles & $17.00 for up to eight puzzles.

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If you prefer to pay by check, please make your check out to Susan Drew & mail it to: PO Box 690272, Vero Beach FL 32969 

When you place your order, make sure you include your mailing address (or the recipients if they're a gift). I'm happy to wrap any puzzles for you for an additional $3.00 each. 

New Puzzles - Spring 2021 

United States - Summer Flowers, Butterflies & Dragonflies, Seaside Birds, Monarchs in Fall, Waterlilies - 2
International - South America: Fruits & Flowers, Llamas & Such, Birds, Seaside Birds & Jellyfish...Central America: Flowers, Hummingbirds & More...SE Asia: Birds, Flowers, Animals, Fruits & Flowers...Indian Subcontinent: Flower Mandalas, Birds, Animals...Central America: Birds, Flowers...Middle East - Springtime Flowers, Birds

 + Four Corners +
Jigsaw Puzzles - A Nature Series - $15.99 

Susan Drew - Designer, Photographer, Tour Company Owner
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With so much time spent indoors during 2020, I like many others, remembered how I much I enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles as a child. Once I did one I was hooked! I also decided to try my hand at making one as a gift and then made more over time. As a result I've created a series based on my love of nature and our enduring relation to it.

The photographs I've used are my own, taken here in the USA as well as many from my 33+ years of traveling and leading international tours around the world. The puzzles are collages of 16 photos with literally many +Four+ Corners in each one, while covering the +Four Corners+ of the earth. Hence the name. It was also chosen in honor of the sacred +Four Corners+ region of the Navajo Nation out west.

Right now my collection includes the 14 jigsaw puzzles below as well as 20 new ones I've created. There will be even more over time. If you're into doing puzzles, these can be done quickly in a few hours - a nice break from the larger ones - or done more slowly over time. If you want a gift for someone or just a pleasant reminder of a trip you've enjoyed in the past - this could be the perfect purchase. If you want to travel to a place in the future or just take in the beauty of a region now, then I hope you enjoy traveling through my eyes.

My puzzles were made with love and many fond memories. I hope you enjoy doing them - Susan Drew

United States - Tropical Flowers
United States - Waterlilies
United States - Spring Flowers
United States - Orchid Garden
United States - Tropical Leaves
United States - Woodland Birds
United States - Ducks & Such
United States - Wetland Birds

Nature Puzzles - from Abroad
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda - Animals
Africa: Eastern 
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda - Birds
Africa: Southern
Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, S. Africa - Animals
Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, S. Africa - Birds
Galapagos Islands
Ecuador - Animals & More
Ecuador - Birds
Each puzzle consists of 285 pieces (without orange box top border) and is 12" X 16" when done
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Maasai Village Kenya
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